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About Us

About Us – Locked Keys in Car

If you’re like most drivers, you take your car for granted. You jump in, turn the key and go. But what would you do if suddenly you found yourself locked out of car?

That’s where we come in. We’re a trusted auto locksmith service provider that can help get you back into your vehicle quickly and easily.



What We Do

We know how frustrating it can be to be locked out of your car. Our day-to-day lives have become so hectic and for most people we are heavily dependent on our car. When we’re all of a sudden locked out, it really throws all our plans out the door. Unless, you can get back into your car fast enough to avoid any detriment to your schedule. That’s why we provide a fast emergency lockout service to all those in need.

We ensure that we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because emergencies can happen anytime not just during the 9-5. We have a dedicated hotline and someone will always be there to pick up the phone when you’re in need.

We are conscious that not everyone’s budget has a lot of room to move and you really can’t afford large emergency expenses. As such, we keep our prices comfortably affordable.



What tools and processes our locksmiths use

Our locksmiths are professionals at what they do. All members of our team are qualified and experienced auto locksmiths. We use only recognized and approved methods for car unlocking and we’re fully insured.



Professional locksmith tools and techniques used:


Lock picking

Our locksmiths are a professionals, trained in picking locks. There are many different ways to pick a lock, but the most common way is to use a pin tumbler lockpick. This type of lockpick has a number of small pins that need to be aligned in order for the lock to open. The locksmith will insert the lockpick into the lock and then use a twisting motion to align the pins. Once the pins are aligned, the lock will open and you will be able to get into your car.


Slim Jim

One of the most common tools that a locksmith will use is a Slim Jim. A Slim Jim is a long, thin piece of metal that is inserted into the space between the door frame and the window. By manipulating the Slim Jim, the locksmith can unlock the door and get you back into your car.


Wedge and probe tools

A locksmith will use a wedge and probe tool in a car lockout in order to unlock the door without causing any damage to the vehicle. The wedge is inserted into the door frame in order to create a space between the door and the frame. This allows the locksmith to insert the probe tool into the space and manipulate the locking mechanism. In most cases, the locksmith will be able to unlock the door without damaging any of the components.


Replacement keys and key programming

We ensure there are no missing pieces to the puzzle. Not only will our locksmiths skillfully get your car unlocked, they can also provide you with replacement car keys. We can quickly and easily make a new key for your car, and we’ll even program it to match your existing keyless entry system. That way, you can get back on the road without any headaches.




Why you should choose us

If we haven’t already convinced you to use our professional car lockout service, here’s more reasons why you should.

Our team of professional locksmiths are completely mobile and available 24/7. That means we can be there when you need us, day or night. Our services all come fully insured, should any damage occur it’s all covered. Finally to top it off, we offer our exceptional customer service and auto lockout services to you, at very affordable prices. You won’t get a surprise when it comes time to pay, because we’re clear and upfront about the costs. We won’t add any additional fees and charges on at the end. That’s our guarantee to you.


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